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The Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy is putting a call out for people who can provide services to our clients in exchange for some % payment of their invoices.  
This will be needed in order to expand the services of to cover its expenses and allow us to reach our projected volume of fiscal disobedience.
We can collaborate with people of different kinds of profiles, from less active to a more active involvement.
1. Occasional Disobedient: Individuals who work for a third party or have no employment, but can provide occasional invoices.
That option does not represent any legal risk because the activity would be of a lower level than any legal control.
2.  Licensed Disobedient: The selfemployed, cooperatives, or small companies who are interested in providing occasional invoices because for any reason they need to justify their account of income or any particular payment
3.  Full Disobedient: Individuals without a legal source of income who want to collaborate with the disobedient network, assuming the economic risks that are related to active participation. This means that people who are available for this level should be officially insolvent if necessary.
In return, people could grow their disobedient incomes until they perhaps get a basic income from the collaboration with
This option is ideal for people who have disconnected from the system and want to take the next step.
For this profile there is a risk of fines or economic penalties which can be avoided, but not criminal charges.
4. Rebel Disobedient: Same as 3, but for people that want to be as disobedient as appropiate, and so they feel ready for also risking criminal charges. If you want to be a rebel disobedient, this is your chance!
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