Income generated by the administrative charge of the Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy will be redistributed to self-governed projects – local, regional or European collectives that focus on self-empowering those in need.

Because communities and grassroots collectives that manage money are not subject to the same global economic powers that control governments and government agencies, they hold the potential to be straight-forward expressions of direct and participatory democracy. Self-organised without the influence of any lobby, their priorities are drawn from the real needs of the people.

#1 Refugees Fund 

This fund will focus on autonomous and self-managed projects involving refugees that face the effects of persecution, climate change and economic deprivation. FairCoop has launched on February 2, a permanent crowdfunding campaign that you can support here:

Each time that this Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy  is paid by some clients, a new contribution to the Refugees Fund will be made.

How the refugee fund will be managed:

An assembly of global FairCoop activists and local participants will be created to administer and distribute the funds. Eligible collectives or organisations will be invited to request funds for their self-managed projects.

How to add new beneficiary projects to the eventual Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy network:

Once the disobedience network is organised with local participants from many different countries, the assembly will invite calls for proposals for new projects.

Collaborate together to extend financial self-government in Europe.