Fiscal Disobedience Call: Direct Action with the Refugees.


2015 was the year in which the dimensions of injustice took on a European scale, affecting the whole of the European Union and its principal political leaders. The wrongly named refugee crisis is in reality an absolute crisis of values created when old Europe decided to refer to it this way.
They leave the people who flee war and/or economic misery to die at sea. They leave them to remain in the open air, to pile up in new concentration camps; they are (tear) gassed at the borders, and, finally, deported to Turkey, a country known for its statesponsored terrorism. At the same time, the 1%, who form part of this leadership, do their best to avoid their responsibility to redistribute resources towards the common good, or they even rob them outright, as has been been revealed, amongst other sources, by the Panama papers. 
As if this wasnt enough, the European Union, using all its member-states‘ taxes, has decided to turn over 6 mil milions of euros to Turkey for an anti-refugee agreement, which puts at stake all the Human Rights treaties which these very countries have agreed to and ratified so many times over.
The number agreed upon to stop, by all means possible, the refugees from arriving to the European fortress is a staggering 10 times that of the EU’s yearly budget for the integration of refugees and immigrants. With these figures, they could have arranged 6.000 for renting a living space and covering the basic necessities of 1,000,000 refugees.
We are talking about almost 5% of the yearly budget of the European Union, which implies, that without the backing of its population, each citizen member of the European Union has turned over more than 10 € to the Turkish government. Obviously, if all the money paid to Frontex to militarize the border was made public, these numbers would go up.
One of the things that many of us can do is say NOT in our name and NOT with our taxes. For that reason, those of you who are making tax declarations this quarter can contemplate dedicating a part of your tax declaration to disobeying the Troika and counteracting their murderous politics.
#Refugees’ Fund
This  fund is focused on self-employed and self-managed projects that involve refugees due to war, persecution, climate change, and/or economic hardship.  FairCoop began a permanent crowdfunding campaign on the 2nd of February, 2016, which you can support here:
You can participate in this campaign as a way of doing fiscal objection to the Troika.
With the first funds recieved,  in a collaboration between FairCoop and solidarity movements based in  Athens and Thessalonika (in those in which the refugees actively  participate) they are preparing specific actions of direct support to  the sustainablity and economic independance of several collectives.  Being able to implicate the highest number of people will depend on the  extension of support and fiscal objection.
You can make a contribution that you consider convinient, for example: 
-10  € corresponds to the amount taken from each citizen to pay for the  anti-refugee agreement pacted with the Turkish government.
-50,   100, 200 €…., depending on the amountof your  declaration and taking  into account that in Europe there continues to be many rascist and/or  fascist citizens who will never collaborate in a campaign with this  objective.
The disobediance campaign  against the Troika also adds all the causes that you can find to  self-title ourselves and to not let the government of the country in  which you pay taxes use what should be directly invested in the common  good to be used to enforce their politics (of exclusion and oppresion).  Something that maybe some people have done in past years, collaborating  with other fiscal objection campaigns, such as,  are also active this year
While the money of the EU goes to Turkey and the money of the rich goes to Panama, with our fiscal objection: direct action with the refugees!

* of the 160.000 people that the  European countries pledged to relocate en 2015, there have only been  272 cases, and Spain has only given refuge to 18 of the 16.000 they  pledge to take in.

* The information and data of this text have been based on the budget of the EU: